Response to Those Requesting The Council’s Return

In recent weeks, I have been receiving numerous requests to bring back The Council to save the community from the hole that its leaders have dug for themselves. My response to all of you is this. The majority of you act like terrible people. I have no idea what you are like in real life, but on here you act like terrible people. You are selfish, stubborn, greedy, aggressive, and dishonorable. Even many of the people who think of themselves as the “good guys” are guilty of this. You think only of your own armies. You do not consider the consequences of brainwashing hundreds of young children to hate people on an Internet game that is supposed to be fun. What the hell is wrong with you? What kind of real-life demons are driving you to force hate upon people you have never even met? I do not believe most of you are truly that corrupted. I just think you would do anything to convince yourself and others that you achieved something while you were here. But the reality is, all you have achieved is desecrating a community we all used to love. The community is dying, and while physically that is clear, the real loss is to its soul. The soul of the community is dying. Without a soul, the body cannot live. All the corruption you have forced upon the community is assuring that more and more troops flee from our armies out of fear for their safety and because it is simply not fun to follow someone who preaches nothing but lies and hate. This community is dying, and for the first time I am okay with it. For something that was once so pure to have reached a state such as this is the ultimate tragedy. You have dug your own graves, and you will now be buried in them. And should it fall to me, this time I will not save you.

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A Statement Regarding the New “Council”

As was stated on CPAC by Bluesockwa1, the original Club Penguin Army Council and other notable members of the CPAC staff do not acknowledge this new “council” formed by Riot and Jerry as legitimate. The primary (if not only) reason for this council’s creation was to promote the “Anti-Badboy Act”, which would have banished Badboy from all armies in the community in retaliation for him deleting posts and pages on the UMA website. Not only is this an abuse of what was formerly the power of the Council (considering the last Council received tremendous backlash when it proposed banning Waterkid and Lord Pain), it exemplifies the reason one must be very careful when selecting who should be permitted to hold such a powerful position. Previous Councils have resisted allowing active members of the army community to run the Council because of the ever-present danger that they will use it for the sole benefit of themselves or their army. In this circumstance that is precisely the issue, as this new “council” was created not for the benefit of the army community, but as an act of petty revenge in response to another act of petty revenge.

The Council stands by its position that this new establishment is illegitimate, and the Council will remain closed down until serious need arises. In the event of such need, this is the only website from which the Council will act, and you will see a notification not unlike this one before the process of selecting appropriate, unbiased, and universally motivated leadership is commenced.


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